The Winning Kids Club educational group partnered with the county jail

to inspire incarcerated women -- mostly young moms --

to write and illustrate children’s picture books, and transcribe their work into Braille. 

Those books include:

Very Silly Alphabet Zoop

The Blind Princess

Braille Dots

The IF Book

Easy and Fun Recipes for Kids

I Am A Winner, Don't You Agree?

Land of Lollypops

No Last Words: Poems from Jail

The Silly Fruit and Vegetable Gang

Winner of the Bee

and others.
* * *

Concerning Clowns is book one

in the Silly Poems series of timeless, happy children's books

with whimsical poems to inspire literacy and encourage kids to write  and draw.

Additional books in the Silly Poems series include:

Concerning Clowns

Delightful Dolls

Especially Elves

Fantastic Fairies

Klutzy Kings

Perky Puppets

Quirky Queens

Wacky Witches

 and more. 

* * *
Nonfiction books include:

The Diary of A Saintly Bernard: Inside a Dog's Heart

Libba Cotten and the Rumbling Freight Train: The True Story of the Little Girl Who Wrote the World-Famous Song

Mankind Come from Old Africa...Who Say?

Paxton, The Smart Saint Bernard

 * * *

All titles  available in paperback, eBook (Kindle), audiobook, and Braille.


The Winning Kids Club is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity organization that serves children and adults.  Our Believe in Yourself and Win! programs promote confidence, self-esteem and unique educational opportunities, including reading programs, creative writing, acting and theatre, academic tutoring, Braille, after school programs, and  homeschooling assistance.